Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Admiralty Jurisdiction Bill to be tabled in Lok Sabha today

The Admiralty Jurisdiction and Settlement of Maritime Claims Bill is scheduled to come up for consideration and passage in the on Wednesday.

The Bill will consolidate the existing laws relating to admiralty jurisdiction, legal proceedings in connection with vessels, their arrest, detention, sale and other matters connected.

The and the Maternity Benefit Amendment Bill is also scheduled to be tabled in the Lok Sabha.

In the Rajya Sabha, the Employee's Compensation Amendment Bill will come up for consideration and passage.

The Bill, seeking to amend the Employee's Compensation Act, 1923, has been passed by the Lok Sabha.

The and Prevention and Control Bill, 2014 is also scheduled to be tabled in the Rajya Sabha.

The Bill will provide the prevention and control of the spread of and and also protect the human rights of persons affected by the virus.

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