Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Demonetisation issue returns to disrupt Parliament..

The Rajya Sabha started on a sombre note on Wednesday, with an obituary reference to political commentator and former member of the House Cho Ramaswamy.
But soon after, the issue of demonetisation continued to disrupt both the Houses.


LOK SABHA | 12.05 A.M.
The House resumes. Speaker disallows notices for Adjournment Motion, even as Opposition members raise slogans. Some of them even rush to the Well of the House.
LOK SABHA | 11.33 A.M.
Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad speaks: There were discrepancies in project implementations...that is why we came to power. We will ensure that the discrepancies are removed during the implementation of the second phase of e-court project.
E-filing by lawyers is being encouraged. Today, the court dates and other court related information is communicated through mobile phones. Our government is taking all steps to ensure that our cyber security mechanism is strong, other suggestions are also being considered.
RAJYA SABHA | 11.31 A.M.
When a discussion is on under 267 on a substantive issue, how are you allowing them to raise it in Zero Hour? Jaitley asks.
Mr. Kurien responds: The FM is right. When discussion is on, why aren't we doing it? The Treasury benches are shouting slogans.
LOK SABHA | 11.16 A.M.
Parliamentary Affairs Minister Ananth Kumar: "I don't understand why the Congress, the Trinamool  Congress and the Left parties are causing disruption. Mr. Modi has been voted No.1 in the world (referring to Time Magazine poll reader's poll), we have requested several times, but they are not willing to discuss."
On exchange of prisoners, Minister of State for External Affairs says: "Pakistan treats inadvertent crossing of border as violation. We are pursuing the cases of fishermen who crossed over inadvertently and been detained by Pakistan." He says 260 fishermen are in Pakistan Jails, over 40 boats have been seized by Pakistani forces.
The last visit of retired judges of both sides for checking conditions of jails took place in 2013. Thereafter, Pakistan has not responded to our repeated requests for the visits, he says.
RAJYA SABHA | 11.11 A.M.
Congress leader Ghulam Nabi says the demonetisation exercise has claimed 84 people and some have even committed suicide.
He resumes. "The Govt. did not make arrangements for money beforehand. Who is responsible? This House should fix responsibility."
My second question is: "Revenue secretary has said most currency will come back. So, where is the black money? Are the hiding something?  Tell the House every day!" Why is there no money in ATMs, if the govt.'s claim that there is enough money in banks is correct?Dont play with people's feelings."
LOK SABHA | 11.08 A.M.
The House resumes. And, the Question Hour begins. Speaker says she will not allow daily disruptions, amid Opposition 's demand for voting and debate on demonetisation.

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